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Our Mission

Our mission is to make selecting the right product for our clients an easy process. To provide service based on integrity with the clients best interest in mind.

We work with a variety of carriers to ensure that we can meet your insurance needs. Our goal is to fit you with best products for you and your family by putting your goals first.

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After another agent put this client on a plan that benefited the agent rather than the client, I received this message:

"David, I love your honesty and integrity."

Anthony P.

"David, I am moving to South Carolina.  Can you still be my agent?"

Geraldine H.

"Mr. Shiver, I don't know where I'd be without you."

Carol E. 

“David, I don't know why I didn't connect with you three months ago.”

Wayne H.

"David, let's play golf !" 

I've found that you only golf with people you like and trust.


Gary P.


David Shiver

Callahan, FL  


Lindsey Wisdom

Jacksonville, FL




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Ms. Wisdom has joined the agency as David's personal assistant. She has dedicated the last several years staying home with her family, while her husband served in the armed forces. Lindsey is a proud mother of  two children, Exton age eight and Avacyn age five. Her husband, Nathan is an air traffic controller at JAX International Airport.  She enjoys writing, spending time outdoors, and time with family. 

"Customer service is the upmost importance for me. I want everyone I speak with to leave smiling, knowing that their time was valued and appreciated."




Mr. Shiver has been in the insurance business for over 17 years. He enjoys working with the over age 65 group.  He listens to your concerns and as an independent agent tries to find the right fit for your needs. He doesn't sell everybody he sits down with, but he treats all his clients like he would his 86 year old father. David does not like surprises, he wants both you and him to sleep at night, not having to worry if you are on the right plan. You will find his caring and personal touch to be very relaxing.

"When I am not assisting clients, I enjoy life on 100 acre Black Angus cattle ranch with my wife of 40 years. For fun, I love to play golf with my father and several clients."

Meet the Team

David has received many accreditation over the years. The latest in 2020 from Aetna Medicare. Mr. Shiver achieved the "Front Runner" status, establishing himself as one of the best brokers and top producers for Aetna.


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