Financial Services

David Shiver Insurance Agency will offer annuity services

January 01, 2022

As always, our services are at no cost to our clients.

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Where Should I start?

Retirement Options

  • Withdraw your money

  • Purchase real estate

  • Transfer the funds to bonds

  • Keep an IRA (individual retirement account)

  • Purchase an annuity

  • Create a Certificate of Deposit

  • Invest in the stock market

Annuity Options

  • Single Premium or Multiple Premium

  • Immediate or Deferred

  • Fixed

Your Options

Being a licensed and certified Health, Life, and Annuity broker, David realizes that not every option may be the best for every individual. We work with our clients to find the choice that gives them the optimal benefit.

What David Did.

David transferred his 401K into a Fixed Index Annuity, an option without hidden fees or long-term commitments. He wanted a choice that was safe and no-risk to his principle, with shorter time options, in addition to a monthly payout for the rest of my life, and at his death, David's beneficiaries can reap the reward of his choices.